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Jackson Hill Block


The vineyard was established in 1998 in the foothills of McLaren Vale. The rich red gum country the vineyard occupies is on the side of Willunga escarpment and 55 to 60 metres above sea level. The climate is cool and breezy at night but the shiraz is well exposed to the ripening sunshine through the latter part of the day.

The vineyard comprises two blocks, the north and the south sections that are planted with different clones. The south block is managed for a lower yield harvest. The north block is pruned and irrigated to produce higher yields and goes into a local icon. 

We support natural, sustainable farming with a focus on improving the land and leaving it better than when we arrived here. We run sheep in the vineyard after harvest until bud burst which has reduced the need for chemical intervention and means less slashing for weed management.  

We now have more time to enjoy the views of the Vale across to the ocean and to appreciate the surrounding wildlife that call our vineyard home.  

The block is healthy and bountiful and something we will leave improved for generations to come. The delightful evidence of our land’s improvement is the abundant wildlife that is growing by numbers everyday - more and more native fauna and the odd introduced species - koalas, lizards, wallabies and deer are all regular visitors that you will see fossicking and exploring. 

Not people to do things by halves, we have reserved 2.7 tonnes of the 2017 vintage to create wine for our guests. We are thrilled to share the bounty of our land.


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