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care and passion go a long way

We both grew up on the land. Brad on serious acres and Chelsea on a smaller property. A little mad for horses (well one of us anyway) and an appreciation for the lifestyle and hospitality offered in the country, we decided to look for a property close enough to commute to the city after spending a few years working in Adelaide.  

Excited for the horse paddocks and infrastructure, the land just happened to have a tired vineyard on the foothills out the back. But Brad saw the possibilities and we decided that time and passion might set things straight, and if it didn’t work out we would rip the vines out and try our hand at something else.

Well sometimes hard work and a bit of luck counts, we have achieved A grade status for the shiraz from the south block of the vineyard and kept a few tonne back to make a small batch of our own wine and we are loving our vineyard more and more and we are focussed on organic principles. It almost seems sacrilegious looking back now that we even contemplated clearing the vines. 

Enthused for the area, we decided the views over the vineyard and to the sea were the perfect location to try our hand at luxury accommodation.

We would love people to be able to experience McLaren Vale and use S.C. as a base while they enjoy our spectacular region. We look forward to sourcing local produce, craft beer and fine wine for our guests. 

Life is slower. Chelsea now works in a local winery, Brad still commutes to Adelaide a couple of days a week and spends his time tending and maintaining the vineyard and property. Our children can round up the sheep in a flash and think spying koalas in our gum trees is an everyday experience. We are busy but life is slower and a quiet beer overlooking the tapestry of the vineyards is the perfect way to end a Fleurieu day.  


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